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2017 Pittsburgh Indoor Sprints

PITTSBURGH, PA (Saturday, January 28, 2017) -

CMU Rowing Club has finished the last event of the day. It's been a very successful competition with seven CMU rowers earning medals and several others with top five finishes. A successful day all around! Now it's back to winter training in preparation for a Camp Bob and the spring season.


Pittsburgh Indoor Rowing Championship is sponsored by Concept2 CTS; 4th Largest Crash B Qualifier in the World!


  • Peter Espenshade - bronze in the Men's Varsity Open
  • Sydney Howard - gold in the Women's Novice Lightweight
  • Léo Sifringer - silver in the Men's Novice Open
  • Vinay Mitta - silver in the Men's Novice Lightweight
  • Sandra Ho - silver in the Women's Novice Lightweight
  • Justine Olshan - bronze in the Women's Novice Lightweight
  • Justin Tunis - gold in the Coxswain 1k
  • Clubs

    Carnegie Mellon University, CrossFit Athletics, Duquesne University, Three Rivers Rowing Association, University of Pittsburgh, etc.

    Good Job CMURC!

    What's Next?

    The team is now ready for the rest of 2017 winter training, Camp Bob and spring races!

    Final Countdown Til Camp Bob