Row Together

About Row Together

Row Together at CMU is a dual sports and academic program aimed at opening up the rowing community to local Pittsburgh youths, while also providing engaging academic opportunities. Our target participants are in the early high school age group, who are underrepresented in the rowing and CMU community. The program length is a total of 10-weeks, with on-campus activities once per week, with 30% focus on academics and 70% on rowing and swimming.

To ensure the participants will have a safe and successful experience, we will provide transportation, proper athletic wear and meals for the duration of the program. Participants will learn rowing and water safety skills. Furthermore, through the rowing and academic enrichment programs, we hope to help build up a local community of support for people who have been marginalized by the sport of rowing and private colleges. We will also facilitate a mentoring program for the development of meaningful academic and athletic mentorships that extends beyond the program.

At Row Together, our ultimate goal is for the local Pittsburgh minority youths to see themselves in a space they have not previously pictured themselves in. We understand it can be scary to take the first step towards new environments, especially ones that traditionally lack diversity. Through this experience and the communities built, we hope to help build impactful life skills and develop lasting relationships, so that they will have the tools and confidence to enter an unfamiliar field of opportunities and unlock their fullest potential. We believe the sport of rowing is the perfect space to achieve this goal. Rowing cultivates important life skills such as teamwork, patience, perseverance, healthy bodies, and confidence. These skills learned on the water will benefit them not just in the sport of rowing, but in their academic ambitions, future careers, and community-building efforts. Through rowing, we can help build strong supportive communities for local teens to thrive.

Not only will this program benefit local youths, we hope this program can help bring together the CMU community to think about their potential impact in the local community, and work towards a greater goal. We have started to establish partnerships with the Gelfand Outreach Center, as well as student lead groups such as Project Ignite, Club Rowing, Club Swimming as well as others. We believe our initial steps and established contacts via our outreach experiences can be documented and shared for the local CMU community to learn from and engage in their own attempts at making a significant impact on the lives of our local community.